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About Our Institution

Championing Intellectual Ascendancy in Higher Learning

Welcome to our website, an oasis of intellectualism and higher education excellence. We stand resolutely at the zenith of Christian educational evolution, where pedagogy is more than a mere impartation of knowledge; it's an orchestration of transformative scholarship and innovative erudition, pushing the boundaries of cognitive exploration.

Harboring a Pedagogical Echelon

We boast a faculty forged in the crucible of scholarly distinction, where pedagogical sagacity melds seamlessly with groundbreaking research. Our instructors are luminaries in their respective fields, blazing the trail in critical discourse and scholarly contribution. They infuse their expertise into each facet of our educational framework, fostering a tapestry of academic excellence that ignites inquiry and intellectual revelation.

Fostering the Visionaries of Tomorrow

We aspire to nurture the vanguards of tomorrow, shaping global citizens who wield profound intellectual acumen and ethical discernment. Here, students traverse the terrain of pedagogical robustness and engage in experiential learning that extends beyond the ordinary. We incubate good sound quality Christian leaders, scholars, and visionaries who will catalyze societal advancement and lead humanity into a more enlightened future.

Embark on an Academic Odyssey

The pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong voyage, and we cordially invite you to embark on this academic odyssey with us. Revel in a scholarly ecosystem that combines time-honored traditions with avant-garde educational methods, fostering inquisitiveness, interdisciplinary exploration, and a profound reverence for intellectual achievement.

Join us as we redefine the narrative of higher education - where every learner is an architect of their own destiny, and enlightenment is a journey, not a destination.

Board of Directors & Staff

Dr. Jack Moseley

Dr. Salvador Marin 
Academic Vice-Chancellor 

Dr. Ely Chirinos 
Dean of International Relations

Mr. Jose Miranda 
Office Collaborator

Dr. Hector Ledezma 
Dean of the University

Our Educational Partners

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